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Exu__Wow was written, recorded and mixed by Deathpodal, in various locations across Scotland, and features a number of friends / musicians, including members of Copy Haho and PVH.

Bringing together post punk, DIY recording techniques, warm undulating melodies and a cacophony of instrumentation, the recording became something of an art project. Everyone involved played on the release for free and it was recorded in various locations including University of Glasgow, Princes Street Gardens and various flats in Edinburgh, a portacabin in Stonehaven and also on the streets of Prague.

This is a completely independent release, and by purchasing the EP through Bandcamp you're directly supporting the artist, Deathpodal - Alastair J. Chivers. Thanks!

For more info visit - www.deathpodal.com

"This EP is why I started writing reviews. A guitar, synths, strings, discordant percussion… lengthy explorations into sound and texture juxtaposed with coarse, lo-fi punk rock."
**** - Lenny Marx, Is This Music

"There are a couple of bursts of feral, lo-fi rock, reminiscent of the dissonant early nineties that give way to... quasi-musical weirdness. It's diverse and consistently well done..."
**** - Chris Cusack, The Skinny

"I just heard it floating around the office and it just sounded absolutely beautiful... if you find it a little hard going, that's down to you!"
Joe Lindsay, BBC Radio Ulster

"[Exu__Wow] is a whole piece of work, and one which lulls you in nicely before wrong-footing you with one of the most well-executed flourishes I’ve seen in a while."
Matthew Young, Song By Toad

"a magnificently constructed composition that's slow-burning and shadowy, punctuated by some jolting and angular guitar and strings and anguished-sounding vocals, not to mention screes of angry guitar noise... Anything but predictable, this is an exciting debut."
8/10 - Christopher Nosnibor, Whisperin and Hollerin

"[Exu_Wow] At turns very beautiful and beautifully scary!" -
Thomas Truax


released March 29, 2010


Alastair Chivers - vox, guitars, noise, samples, organ, piano, keys, synth, soo soo, chakra bowls, metalwork, melodica, etc.

Joe Hearty - guitar
Rachel Lind - cello
Tibbie Macintyre - violin
Michael MacLennan - bass
Tom Newell - metalwork
Chez Taylor - clarinet
Gavin Will - guitar, noise, melodica
Rikki Will - drums



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DTHPDL Edinburgh, UK

AJ Chivers
Chris Laidler
Humdrum Jetset

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Track Name: Squirrel and the Fox
Let it bleed through our eyes
You're like violence, surrogate and rootless

You want to feel, in a photograph
See what the squirrel says to the fox

Hold a frame around me
And sculpt your words in our mouths, for it to remain
A wreck through the hand, is it when you feel safe?
A lie in honesty is coming for us

You want to feel, in a photograph
See what the squirrel says to the fox

Easy for you, easy for me
Do you deal with compliments?
And let the explosions lick your skin.
The fire so bright for opinion
Without hindsight or trace

You want to feel, in a photograph
See how the squirrel murders the fox

Write in blood for me, I cut you out for us.
Track Name: Every Superstition Shall Be Removed
Hold a love in your hand
Now a judgement to condemn,
Is there a truth for you and I?
Is there a truth with history?

They'll sell us all
So come sell your heart

We won't speak of this again
We won't mention him by name,
Every word is a weapon
Every weapon deceives us all.

They'll sell us all
So come sell your heart
Every false burden
Spit on than adore

They'll sell us all
So come sell your heart
Every superstition shall be removed
All filthy lucre abolished

I'll bring you joy,
I'll bring you joy,
I'll bring you joy,
He said, with holy whispers
I'll bring you death
Track Name: There Is A Diagram For This
I was never one of you
And I'm not the same man, same man you knew
Every face is a mask
Every mask is a war for us

There is a diagram for this
There is a diagram for this
Each cut is a map of disgrace
Something genuine so bare

You portray me like a grave
I don't think things are working out
There's a due process
These hands are now hidden in code

This blood now stains your eyes
Say ill
I won't let these cuts hold a wrong
With a rage full of fire

I want to see you swallow
A reduction and a facade
Attrition coming for you
So beautiful so destroyed

After this your colour now filled and ready to fall.